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The Beverly Hills Hotel

"Like the Hollywood Elite"

The Beverly Hills Hotel has been an iconic, LA hideaway. Famous for playing host to Hollywood royalty over the years. From the deals made in the polo lounge to the romances conducted in the secluded bungalows.

A campaign created for the slightly obsessed with pop culture and looking for a getaway from the day-to-day with dear friends, willing to indulge in luxury. With the objective of showing the hotel's timelessness and glamour the way its most iconic guests did.

Art Directors/ Copywriters: Isabella García De Jesús & Fátima López Chiri

Photographer: Sarah Díaz

Makeup & Hair Artist: Andrea Stoker

Models: Belén Giha & Juan Diego Yurrita

Out of Home

Print Ads


Collaboration with Veuve Cliquot with a scannable label.

Users can learn about the star's history at the hotel.


Social Media

Caption: Indulge in the best decadences... Like the Hollywood elite

Caption: Have a late-night winning streak, like the Hollywood elite

Caption: Let everyone treat you as you are in a movie set, like the Hollywood elite.

Tik Tok Video

Hotel Items


Cocktail Book

Polaroid Postcards

Deck of Cards

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