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Inspired by the story of Elvira de la Fuente, the daughter of Peruvian aristocrats who served as a double spy during World War II. An unapologetic, divorced, queer woman that redefined what being a woman in the 19th century was. 

This fashion collection created by Camila Bustamante takes us through the journey of Elvira's life; a re-imagination of what Elvira would look like in today's modern world.

Producer: Camila Bustamante

Concept: Camila Bustamante

Story: Kamila Agramonte

Directors: Gabi Pérez & Kamila Agramonte

Director of Photography: Isabella García De Jesús

Creative Director: Camila Bustamante

Production Design: Gabi Pérez

Set Dresser: Andrés Labiaga

Gaffer: Isabella García De Jesús

Production Assistants: Andrés Labiaga & Alessia Giha

Fashion Designer: Camila Bustamante

Print Designer: Lexie Meyer

Knitwear: Hailey English & Rebecca Durgy

Editor: Isabella García De Jesús


Adriana Martinelli

Anya Caples

Fabiola Nuñez

Kamila Agramonte

Rebecca Bedoya

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