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Club Car

In collaboration with SCADpro

Researched and developed concepts for Club Car's social media presence focused on the Onward model.

Producer: Simon Swofford & Anthony Lieberman

Writer: Ned Cooper & Lauryn Huling-Jackson

Director: Ned Cooper

1st AD: Kenzie Uhr

Casting Director: Jack Caron

Director of Photography: Isabella García De Jesús

Camera Operator: Colin Schostack

1st AC: Lily Sanders

1st AC (Unit B): Mitchell Hemmer

2nd AC: Sasha Landy

Gaffer: Tessa Robey

Key Grip: Jasper Laur

Grip: Rayce Peters

Production Design: Shelby Klutz

Sound Supervisor: Nathan Leiu

Composer: Willy Nordt

Re-recording Mixer: Clifton Kadanec

SFX Editor: Eric Kim

Editor: Michael Petruccelli


Claudia Canales as Mom

Matthew O'Donnell as Dad

Alexia Mendes as Daughter

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